Mindy Moritz - Singer/Actress/Dancer/Choreographer

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Letters of Recommendation

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+ Keli Rodgers - Drama Teacher

"...Mindy is one of the half dozen most talented students I have worked with in my twenty years of teaching..." [more...]

I am pleased to be able to recommend Mindy Moritz to you. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Mindy for four years. During that time I have had her in classes and have worked with her closely on several extra-curricular and co-curricular productions. You can see from her extensive resume that Mindy is serious about her own training. Because of her natural ability and her willingness to work hard, she is advanced far beyond most actresses her age. Mindy is one of the half dozen most talented students I have worked with in my twenty years of teaching. She is a gifted dancer as well as actress. She has a special gift for comedy, but her most impressive strength is her voice. Mindy has a real musical comedy voice and can belt with the best of them.

Just a few months ago, Mindy tucked another accomplishment under her belt. She directed and choreographed Dames at Sea. I rarely allow students to direct musicals; I have done so only twice before in my twenty years, but I am pleased to say that Mindy's show was a great success. Not only could she do the choreography, and make decisions, but she worked beautifully with the cast. (No easy feat) and they had a very smooth rehearsal process.

I should not be surprised at her success. Mindy has been an officer of Thespian Troupe #888 for three years. It takes a great commitment of time and effort to run the Thespian Troupe with the myriad of productions and activities we accomplish each year, but Mindy has been re-elected twice, going from Clerk #1, to Publicist to Vice President and is still fulfilling her responsibilities beautifully. One of the chief assets that allows her to work with people so effectively is her unflagging optimism. Mindy is always positive, always thoughtful, in general, a joy to be around.

Mindy has been a huge asset to Shawnee Mission Northwest. She uses her talents well and they benefit not just herself, but everyone around her.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

Keli Rodgers
SMNW Theatre Teacher & Director
12701 W. 67th Street
Shawnee, KS. 66216
(913) 993-7224

+ Anita Elliott - Vocal Music Director

"...Mindy is very, very creative. Mindy is responsible. Mindy did her homework. She always came prepared, on time and ready to teach..." [more...]

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a public school vocal music teacher in elementary, junior high/middle school and high school for over 35 years. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with many choreographers. I must say that Mindy Moritz has been one of the best.

I had never met or even heard of Mindy Moritz before, but she took the initiative on her own to send out her resume to several teachers in the area indicating her interest as a choreographer. Her resume was quite impressive for a person of this age. Sight unseen I interviewed Mindy via email. I was impressed with her during our email conversations and just had a good feeling about her abilities and commitment.

What a pleasant surprise! Mindy is very, very creative. Mindy is responsible. Mindy did her homework. She always came prepared, on time and ready to teach. She is enthusiastic and always energized. Mindy immediately commanded the attention of my 28 eighth grade vocal music students. Her pacing was excellent and she kept the students moving. It was obvious from the beginning that Mindy knew what she was doing. She quickly earned the respect of my middle school students and they loved her. This in itself speaks highly of Mindy's personality, abilities and talent.

Mindy is dedicated and committed. She is a breath of fresh air in our profession and one that I certainly would recommend. No matter the age, no one would be disappointed in choosing Mindy as their choreographer for an entire show or for a few songs. She is excellent and one that we will see more of in the future.

Anita Elliott
Director of Vocal Music
Scott Middle School
2200 Pine Lake Road
Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

+ Brian McGinness - Teacher/Director/Choreographer

"...It has been an honor to have had the opportunity of working with such a fine young adult..." [more...]

I have worked with Mindy Moritz as director, choreographer, and teacher for the past seven years. She has learned strong basic skills in tap, jazz, and ballet. Her technique has continued to improve consistently. Mindy also shows promise with her vocal and acting talents. She is a hard worker and is very devoted to her studies. Mindy possesses top leadership qualities. Her reliability combined with her work ethic will make for an enjoyable future teacher/student relationship or for success in whatever she decideds to pursue.

It has been an honor to have had the opportunity of working with such a fine young adult!

Sincerely yours,

Brian C. McGinness
419 W. 10th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105-2218

+ Jill Hochman - Dance Troupe Director

"...Whether she is the leading lady or in the chorus, Mindy consistently demonstrates an understanding of the importance of teamwork..." [more...]

This letter is intended to serve as a recommendation for Mindy Moritz. I am employed at Miller-Marley School of Dance & Voice, in Overland Park, Kansas, where I serve as a dance instructor and the director of a performance troupe, of which Mindy is my assistant. I have been involved in the performing arts as a dancer, entertainer and educator most of my life and I can state with great conviction that young women like Mindy are one in a million.

We first became acquainted five years ago at Camellot Academy, a local performing arts camp that Mindy attended through elementary and middle school. Even then, it was easy to see that Mindy was a definite stand-out. At only thirteen, Mindy had the poise, self-confidence and talent of a person twice her age. Whether it be in the development of her beautiful voice or of her dancing and acting skills, Mindy works hard to cultivate her talent. Twelve years of dance and voice training along with superb training in dramatic art at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School has given Mindy both the versatility and the skills to succeed as a multi-talented performer.

I have had the pleasure of seeing her blossom from an accomplished preteen to a motivated young woman of numerous talents and considerable self-discipline who, at seventeen, has over fifty plays and musicals and countless awards under her belt.

Mindy has a magical quality that makes her extremely appealing to young children. When I was seeking a person to assist me in the direction of my troupe, The Teeny-Tinitainers, Mindy was the perfect candidate. From the onset, she invariably understood the nature of the material, how to approach the children and how to communicate her expectations to them.

Occasionally, Mindy performs with the children. When she performed with them for the first time, it was very apparent by the way she interacted with them during the performance that she was there not to dominate the stage, but for the sake of making the children look good. The ability to know instinctively when to stand-out and when to stand-back is vital to any performer in an ensemble. Whether she is the leading lady or in the chorus, Mindy consistently demonstrates an understanding of the importance of teamwork.

Mindy embraces every challenge with an excitement and enthusiasm that is enviable to adults, like me, who could learn from her example. She is highly respected both as a person and a professional. Students and faculty often remark that Mindy is blessed with considerable talent. On a personal level, Mindy has been like a daughter and a sister to me and continues to be one of my dearest friends. I trust her implicitly.

Mindy has openness to new places, people and cultures, a keen intelligence, an introspective nature and an unusual ability for dealing with people of all ages and conditions. These qualities combined with her strong character will enable her to understand and empathize with others while never losing touch with who she is. I have no doubt that Mindy will bring these same qualities of character to her college experience. I strongly Mindy. She is a tremendous asset to any theatre program.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Jill Hochman
10145 West 84th Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
(913) 648-7306

+ Ron Poplau - Community Service Director

"...Mindy possesses a maturity and concern for others that few young people can duplicate...." [more...]

To Whom It May Concern:

As director of Shawnee Mission NW High School's community service program, I feel I am in a unique position to evaluate students from a variety of viewpoints. Northwest is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence with a college prep curriculum. Consequently, classes are highly competitive. In this type of challenging environment, Mindy has performed very well. Her current GPA is 4.05 and is close to the top ten percent of her senior class. She also possesses a strong ACT score. She is also a member of the National Honor Society. Needless to say, Mindy takes her academic responsibilities very seriously. As an outstanding member of our choir and drama department, she shares her many abilities both effectively and generously.

For the past two years, Mindy has been a member of our award-winning community service class, COUGARS COMMUNITY COMMITMENT. In that capacity, Mindy has distinguished herself as a tutor in an elementary school. Her cooperating teacher has given her high marks for innovation, reliability, and above all for effectiveness. Mindy possesses a maturity and concern for others that few young people can duplicate. She is courteous, a leader, and active in many extra-curricular areas of the school.

These past two years, Mindy has brought food and clothing for the area’s needy, been active with intergenerational projects, worked with the Dream Factory, plus numerous other service areas.

Mindy represents a true balance: augmenting her academic life with numerous community service concerns. Her well-roundedness is evident in her poise, her outgoing personality, and her friendliness to others. Mindy will be a wholesome and positive influence on her future classmates. I recommend her for your consideration without a single negative reservation. To award Mindy would be to recognize all those traits we hope our young people will eventually possess. Feel free to contact me for any further information you might want or need.


Ronald W. Poplau, Director
Community Service
Member: National Teachers Hall of Fame
Member: Mid-America Education Hall of Fame
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School
12701 W. 67th St.
Shawnee Mission, KS 66216-2599